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Mold remediation is a careful process that needs to be done right. You'll want to hire us for mold remediation services because we...

  • Keep you informed during every step in the process
  • Bill through your insurance for no out-of-pocket costs
  • Provide thorough documentation of everything

You can trust us to reduce your stress with quick and reliable services. Call 407-729-5937 now to ask about our special for $150 off mold testing.

What can cause mold damage in your home?

Don't leave mold untreated. You need to arrange for mold removal ASAP since it can trigger health issues like asthma and even cause structural damage to your home. There are some common sources of mold growth, including:

  • Water damage after a flood or a leak left untreated
  • Moisture trapped in the roof, walls or other parts of your home
  • Wet towels, shoes and other items left to dry inside
  • Excessive humidity in the air

When you find mold, call Assurance Air Quality right away for safe and efficient mold remediation services. Our services are available in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas.