Breathe Easier Knowing You've Got Clean Air

Take advantage of indoor air quality testing in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas!

You shouldn't have to worry about health risks in your own home or office. It's hard to improve your indoor air quality when you're not sure what exactly the issue is. Luckily, Assurance Air Quality can find out. We perform indoor air quality testing for both residential and commercial clients in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas!

From moisture inspections to mold tests, we'll find whatever is causing your poor air quality and fully disinfect the area. Call 407-729-5937 now to schedule your same-day or next-day indoor air quality testing appointment.

Take advantage of our full decontamination package

You'll get a free post-testing report once we've finished the initial air quality, mold and moisture inspection. For most clients, we highly recommend our decontamination service package, which includes...

  • Completing static electrochromic sterilization services
  • Spraying down all surfaces thoroughly
  • Wiping down hard surfaces

With cleaner air, you'll breathe deeply with confidence and avoid pollutant-caused health hazards. Start with a free consultation today.