We Understand How You Feel

I never knew that indoor air quality could be an issue until our son was born at 30 weeks old and diagnosed with severe lung disease. During our journey to find the source of our son's disease, my wife and I were left with more questions than answers and a big pile of invoices. Eventually we discovered the pollutants in our home was the culprit. Many indoor air pollutants cannot be detected by our senses, and the symptoms they produce can be vague to adults.This is why my family and I started Assurance Air Quality.

Why Choose Assurance Air Quality?

Assurance Air Quality believes in empowering our customer by supporting them throughout the remediation process. From the first consultation to the end of their remediation project, our customers can contact us for advise and support to make sure their project runs smoothly. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment that is safe for occupants is important. Assurance Air Quality is family owned and operated serving Central Florida. We pride ourselves on our quality of service for commercial, residential properties, our detailed reports and exceptional customer service. Plus, we represent an unbiased opinion since all labs are submitted to a 3rd party lab leaving no conflicts of interest.

  • Insurance billing for NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE!
  • Lab results in as Little As 24 Hours!
  • Fully Licensed & Insured
  • Serving Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Certified Adjuster, Mold Assessor and Remediator